Protecting resources and your data

We seek to maximize the value of your unused and unwanted electronics by first, extending the functional life-cycle of your IT assets, and second, disassembling or converting electronic material and components to their most reduced commodity form. The longer items can be used, the more resources are protected. However, our clients can be assured that when requested or required we provide the most data secure and environmentally sound end-of-life solutions possible.

Our member facilities offer:

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

  • Repair & refurbishment
  • Remarketing via asset purchase and revenue share options
  • Off-lease purchases
  • Project management and consulting
  • Customized solutions
  • In-depth reporting
  • White glove capabilities
  • Nationwide logistics offerings and coordination
  • Community and corporate collection events

End-Of-Life Recycling

  • Manual and mechanical physical destruction
  • Depackaging and demanufacturing
  • Retail return and manufacturer recall processing
  • Certificates of destruction

Guaranteed Data Destruction

  • Hard drive wiping, degaussing, shredding, and crushing with verification
  • NIST, HIPAA & Department of Defense standard processes
  • Detailed certificates of data destruction (make, model, serial number, etc.)
  • Mobile shredding services onsite at your facility

Universal Waste Processing

  • Safe disposal of most batteries (rechargeable, non-rechargeable, Li-ion, NiCD, alkaline, etc.) and lamps/bulbs (fluorescent tubes, CFLs, LEDs, etc.) via pick-up or mailback program
  • Handling of mercury-containing equipment including thermostats and medical equipment

We accept most electronics, including:

  • All IT equipment, including computers, tablets, servers, hard drives, and networking equipment
  • Cellular phones and desk phones
  • Displays (LED/LCD/Plasma/CRT televisions, monitors, projectors, etc.)
  • Electronic parts and components (hard drives, motherboards, memory / RAM, processors, etc.)
  • Analog, digital, and VOIP phones systems
  • Industrial, surveying, and medical equipment
  • Point of sale and credit card processing equipment
  • A/V (audio & visual) equipment
  • Miscellaneous electronics (printers, peripherals, cables, etc.)

If you have something to recycle that’s not listed please contact us.