We believe in second chances

The words “people”, “planet” and “profits” get thrown around a lot in the recycling industry. At Impact Recyclers™, we treat each of these equally and use this “triple-bottom line” approach to guide every decision. We see each electronic device that we process as one that we keep from polluting our environment, one that creates meaningful work for someone, and one that helps keep our member organizations financially viable – fueling important workforce development programs that help ensure economic opportunity for all.

Beyond providing reliable customer service, guaranteed data security, and the highest standard of industry certifications (R2® and e-Stewards®), our innovative business model helps eliminate barriers to employment, and as a result helps break the cycles of homelessness, poverty, and hunger.

By working with Impact Recyclers™ you have the opportunity to maximize your company’s impact and model true corporate social responsibility. No need to launch another complex and time-consuming company initiative; you can change the world simply by scheduling a pickup of your unused and unwanted IT assets. That daunting storage room of retired computers you’d rather not think about can create jobs for adults who face severe barriers to work – the formerly incarcerated, people on the autism spectrum, and physically disabled individuals.

Together, we can use electronics for good.

If you would like to support our work, please contact us today.